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What is RAKO

What is RAKO and how did our organisation start?

RAKO is the acronym for Remote Area Kids Organisation.

RAKO was originally founded in Cambodia as an NGO under Cambodian Law. Since 2006 a Belgian counterpart exists that was established by a group of tourists visting village community of Kirimanun outside the normal touristic route to the temples of Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom in Siem Reap. During their visit they met Tui Sokhoun with whom their travel guide was acquainted for a long time. Upon arrival in Belgium they decided to help the villagers of Kirimanun and since them Belgium is in permanent contact with Tui Sokhoun, the director of RAKO Cambodia.  Together with his team he networks with local authorities and coordinates all our projects. All the projects are presented to RAKO Belgium in a yearly master plan. RAKO Belgium then takes care of the fund raising.

Our Mission

RAKO has the objectives to:

  • build sustainalbe infrastructure for first level education and primary health care in the remote rural areas of Cambodia 
  • to support projects that will provide clean drinking water

Our main concern in the future is the continuous support and monitoring of our financed projects until they can run independently. After succesful hand over our activities move to the next community where our help is needed and welcomed. Free education and medical care (including medicines) is crucial for the future of the Cambodian rural people. Children attending our schools today have higher chances of continuing in second and even third level education. In return they too will become motivated to send their own children to school. Only in this way this country can build its own future.


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